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Acumen: d.light

Acumen, an incredible social impact investment fund, approached rezonate to create and design a story around d.light, a solar and power company, as they reach their journey to impacting 100 million lives.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Direction





Directors: Nico and Katwo Puertollano
Design and Animation Lead: Nowy Aratan \ EG Albor
Design and Animation: Bianca Cosca \ Gwen Guevarra \ Catherine Gonzales \ Tisha Esquejo \ Angel Casaul \ Yanna Gemora \ Kaileen Dangoy
Animation: Plainly Simple
Producer: Arielle Carpio

What does it take to change 100 Million lives? A game-changing invention that is cheap, easy to reproduce, and brings light to millions. Acumen, a social entrepreneurship NGO, approached rezonate with the idea to tell the epic story of how a simple solar-powered LED lamp called d.light revolutionized the livelihoods of marginalized communities.

It all centers on the power of light. There are families who have to withstand the harmful effects of kerosene just to do everyday things. d.light is the hero of the story. A world without light is monotonous and hard to navigate. The conscious creative decision was made to have the “little lamp that could” bring color to the world.

Helping 100 Million people is no small feat, so we wanted to translate that grand gesture into a cinematic film, creating larger than life sequences that match the herculean feat that d.light has achieved.


The only thing that’s just as great as helping a hundred million people is helping spread the word and letting the world know.


Know more about Acumen and d.light here.

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