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Adobe: Memphis Design

Brooklyn-based creative entrepreneurs Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski are out-of-the-box thinkers, and their work proves it. In our recent collaboration with Colin McAuliffe, Clark Todd of Zero One Digital Media Inc, and Adobe, we pull back the curtain on how they bring their ideas to life and the kind of duo they become when creating their versions of awe and wonder. 


Creative Direction, Design, Animation


Colin McAuliffe

Zero One Digital Media Inc.




Creative Direction: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Lead: Drix Deñola

Illustrators: Drix Deñola, Cath Gonzales, CJ Reynaldo, China Principe, Gwen Guevarra, EG Albor, Angel Casaul, John Basnillo

Animators: Drix Deñola, Cath Gonzales, Wilson Gazer, Neal Andrew Lim, EG Albor, Angel Casaul, Alex Santos

Producer: Hannah Sy

When Wade Jeffree says their creative studio “makes kind of everything,” he wasn’t kidding. Spearheading projects that scream quirky aesthetics and Memphis Milano designs, Wade and Leta have navigated through the artistic world through a lens of their own.

Leta Sobierajski of creative powerhouse Wade and Leta credits Adobe Illustrator in helping them turn their ideas into tangible pieces. From forming their vision to ironing out the kinks, Adobe plays a huge role in allowing them to communicate effectively and uniquely. 

The goal was to utilize a visual language that bares the soul of Memphis Design; bright colors, bold patterns, and playful shapes that create a sense of fun and whimsy; and most importantly, should evoke a sense of nostalgia for the vibrant and experimental design styles of the 1980s.

With a mix of vector and scrapbook graphics, rezonate evoked the hokey yet iconic looks of the 80s; capturing the essence of Memphis Design, reiterating the power of creativity and the importance of pushing boundaries in order to create something truly memorable.

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