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Circles.Life, an exciting new telco player in Singapore, known for unbeatable promotions, tapped rezonate to create a series of explainer videos. The design bridges the entire digital experience of the viewer to the forward-thinking objectives of Circles.Life.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Music, Script, VO, Direction





Director: Ej Dalupang

Production House: Rezonate

Creative Director: Nico & Katwo Puertollano

Producer: Katrina Yupangco

Writer: Gigi Lapid

Animation: EJ Dalupang \ EG Albor

Design: EJ Dalupang \ EG Albor \ Claude Aranza

Voice Over: Lydia Folckomer

A dynamic new telecommunications player in Singapore, Circles.Life tapped rezonate to create a world of awe and wonder through a series of explainer videos and seasonal ads.


Based on the brand’s color palettes and key visuals, the team combined geometrical shapes, bright tones, soft transitions, and upbeat scoring to emphasize the seamless, user-friendly  digital experience one is afforded with the brand. 


rezonate relied on the scripts provided by Circles.Life to develop concepts and imagery that echoed the brand campaign. 


By spearheading the creative direction, animation, design, music, script, and voice over efforts, rezonate helped extend Circle.Life’s heart and vision and ensure that their audience would understand the efficiency and convenience they offer.

Full Spots

Circles.Life: No Contracts

Circles.Life: Circles Care App

Circles.Life: How It All Works

Circles.Life: Porting

Circles.Life: Unlimited Bonus Data

Circles.Life: Roaming


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