Circles.Life Editdown Montage

Circles.Life, an exciting new telco player in Singapore, known for unbeatable promotions, tapped us to create a series of explainer videos. Topics ranged from how everything works in their telco, down to how much of a breeze it is to use their CirclesCare app. The geometrical shapes and the slick surface of the design narrates a modern and technologically-driven outlook while keeping a cheery vibe. The design bridges the entire digital experience of the viewer to the forward-thinking objectives of Circles.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Music, Script, VO, Direction





Full Spots

Circles.Life: No Contracts

Circles.Life: Circles Care App

Circles.Life: How It All Works

Circles.Life: Porting

Circles.Life: Unlimited Bonus Data

Circles.Life: Roaming