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Circuit City Skate Park: Bridging Communities Through Concrete Waves

Ayala Land partnered with Rezonate to create the Circuit City Skate Park, redefining urban spaces in Makati. Under Nico Puertollano's creative direction, Rezonate bridged real estate development and skate culture, designing a space that meets global standards and resonates authentically with Filipino skateboarders.

This collaboration culminated in a dynamic hub celebrating urban culture and community engagement."


Creative Direction, Design, Branding, Strategy, Events, Direction


Ayala Land



Creative Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Designer: Nico Puertollano

Project Manager: Katrina Yupangco


Consultants: Mark "Speks" Bandigan / Raymond Lorenzana / Ansey Flores
Urban Artists:
Music: Zombettes / Red i / Rb1

In the heart of Makati's vibrant urban landscape, a new development by Ayala Land was poised to redefine the cityscape. Enter Circut City Skate Park, a groundbreaking project that not only introduced the concept of permanent concrete skate parks to the Philippines but also served as a bridge between the real estate world and the dynamic skateboard culture.

Ayala Land, renowned for its visionary real estate ventures, recognized the potential of incorporating a skate park into their Circuit City development. However, lacking insight into the intricacies of the local skateboard scene, they turned to Rezonate (formerly Flux Design Labs) for guidance and expertise.

As the Creative Director of Rezonate, Nico Puertollano brought a wealth of experience and passion to the project, rooted in both New York City's bustling skate culture and his native Philippines. Tasked with designing the park, Nico drew inspiration from his years of skating the streets of NYC, ensuring that the park not only met international standards but also resonated deeply with the local skate community.

Beyond design, Rezonate took on the challenge of fostering community engagement and operational support for the skate park. Recognizing the importance of authenticity and grassroots connection, Rezonate partnered with local skate company We Legendary. This collaboration not only provided operational assistance but also facilitated a direct link to the Filipino skate community, ensuring that the park truly belonged to those who skated its concrete waves.

To celebrate the park's launch and further integrate it into the cultural fabric of Makati, Rezonate curated a dynamic event. By enlisting local street artists and DJs, the launch event transcended the realm of skateboarding, becoming a celebration of urban culture and creativity. Artists and DJs were chosen to infuse the event with their unique flair, transforming the park into a vibrant hub of expression and community.

Ayala Land's strategic partnership with Mountain Dew further elevated the experience, resulting in the park being branded as the Mntdew Skate Park. This innovative collaboration seamlessly integrated a globally recognized brand into the fabric of extreme sports and urban culture, cementing the park's status as a beacon of authenticity and excitement.

In essence, the collaboration with artists, DJs, local businesses, and a global brand served to underscore the inclusive nature of the skate park, inviting individuals from all walks of life to come together and celebrate the spirit of skateboarding and urban culture. Through Circuit City Skate Park, Rezonate not only realized Nico's dream of designing a skate park but also succeeded in creating a space where community, creativity, and camaraderie converge.

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