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Creating awe and wonder for enterprise-grade remote working software may seem like an oxymoron, but by highlighting the diverse people who get the job done, rezonate got it done too.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design





Creative Director: Nico Puertollano

Design Director: Katwo Puertollano

Lead: Drix Deñola

Illustrators and Animators: Bianca Cosca \ Gwen Guevarra \ Drix Deñola

Animators: Bianca Cosca \ Gwen Guevarra \ Drix Deñola \ Nowy Aratan \ Gabriella Solera

Producer: Arielle Carpio

The most important aspect of any software application are the people that use it in their day-to-day lives. Citrix wanted to highlight these people and has always advocated for diversity inside and outside the workplace, and they made sure that this translated well into their marketing materials. 

In an effort to market the client’s latest enterprise offering, rezonate fleshed out a string of ideas the brand had for a campaign. By imagining detailed, diverse characters in their work-from-home arrangements, the studio built a world where Citrix was able to amplify their product’s inventive features and functions while giving light to the people that use them.


The project's goal was to use a technique that has a human-centric approach to the storytelling by integrating the hand-drawn style making for a friendly campaign. Despite the simplicity of the black and white illustration approach, the agency was adamant about having diverse and inclusive characters representing a wide range of communities including people with disabilities, biracial and BIPOC characters. With this in mind, being intentional with character design - even in simple details - like a person's hair texture or nose can already signify a more inclusive path.


Harnessing both Cel animation and After Effects, the team crafted a quirky narrative that allowed the product’s convenient usability and the people that use the product to shine.

Single Sign-On

Workspace Analytics


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