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Come From Away

Come From Away, a Best Musical winner and New York Times Critic’s Pick, asked rezonate to produce a promotional video to advertise their upcoming shows. Visual elements are taken from their main logo to make a cohesive design and animation throughout the video.


Creative Direction, Animation, Motion Design, Direction


Come From Away



Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Design + Animation Lead: Nowy Aratan

Animation: Nico Puertollano \ Nowy Aratan

Design: Nowy Aratan \ Patt Abutog \ Angel Cabanto

Agency: AKA NYC

Production House: Aardman Nathan Love

Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara

Producer: James Elio

Come From Away is a multi-awarded musical stage play about stranded airline passengers and strangers coming together after discovering the frightening events in New York’s 9/11 devastation. 


rezonate had the wonderful opportunity to produce this Broadway spectacle’s promotional videos. 


Reeling from the production’s existing visual assets, rezonate optimized their aesthetics and mapped out their ad’s animation, motion design, and creative direction efforts. 

The objective was simple: to emphasize how the project was a “powerful celebration of humanity,” and that the show’s message tackled progressive values.  


The creative team stayed true to their branding graphics and built a world of awe and wonder that translated to striking above-the-line advertising materials. As it usually is with huge Broadway productions, these advertisements were created to be seen everywhere; from New York taxi ads, billboards, and even on the Times Square.


In the end, the final offering functioned as a successful communication tool that captures attention and sparks interest in just a few seconds.

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