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MarvelHQ x Jazwares: Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Spidey and His Amazing Friends are going around the Spider-Verse! rezonate collaborates with Cause + Effect, Jazwares, and MarvelHQ to feature their new toy merch lineup for the release of the first season of the TV show


Creative Direction, Design, Animation


Colin McAuliffe

Cero One Digital Media Inc.




The spot follows Spidey and his friends as they get transported through different dimensions of the Spider-Verse, encountering familiar faces like Gwen Stacy's Spider-Woman, the villainous Doctor Olivia Octavius, and other fan favorites from the titular universe! Each character is showcased with their own unique abilities and personality traits, highlighting the fun and dynamic nature of the show.

Mixing 3D Animation and 2D Visual Effects, the animation style is inspired by the unique comic book movie aesthetics of the Spider-Verse! Featuring bold lines and vibrant colors that pop off the screen; the animation blends seamlessly with the action-packed storyline to create a truly immersive viewing experience. The 3D environment brings the world to life, allowing them to move fluidly and interact with their environment in a dynamic way. Meanwhile, the 2D visual effects add an extra layer of depth and texture to the visuals, creating a unique and stylized look akin to the critically acclaimed movie, that is both eye-catching and memorable.

The collaboration between rezonate, Cause + Effect, Jazwares, and MarvelHQ aims to create a buzz around the release of the new toy merch lineup, which includes action figures, playsets, and other exciting products. The spot is designed to appeal to both kids and adults, tapping into the nostalgia of classic Spider-Man comics and the groundbreaking style of the recent Spider-Verse movie. Overall, the goal is to create a memorable and engaging animated spot that will generate excitement and anticipation for the release of Spidey and His Amazing Friends, as well as the accompanying toy merch lineup.

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