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Kraft: Feel Good Content

Our goal in our character design and animation is to define to amplify the idea, the feeling of being “noodly,” not just in the visual design of the characters, but in the emotional resonance of the world we will create. To be noodly brings up images of movement, flexibility, freedom, and vibrancy.


Creative Direction, Animation, Motion Design, Direction


Johannes Leonardo



Creative Directors: Nico & Katwo Puertollano

Producers: Encar Lopez \ Hannah Sy

Lead Artists: E.G. Albor \ Bianca Cosca

Illustrators: E.G. Albor \ Bianca Cosca \ Christina Cawad \ Sofia Abellera

Animators: Bianca Cosca  \ Christina Cawad \ Sofia Abellera \ John Basnillo \ Keb Makasiar \ Gwen Guevarra \ Karla Consolacion \ Erika Marquez

Post (Editors / Compositors): E.G. Albor \ Angel Casaul \ Klei Remo

With Special Thanks: Gabriele Dominique Principe \ Klei Remo

Agency: McCann NY

When Johannes Leonardo set out to re-brand Kraft’s iconic Mac & Cheese, they wanted to capture the feeling of comfort we get from digging into a warm bowl of freshly-made Kraft Mac & Cheese, and to redefine “comfort." 

With the launch of the highly acclaimed “Help Yourself” campaign, JL worked with rezonate to create unique, ownable illustrated characters, and dynamic, playful animations as part of the brand initiative. 

The characters represent people from all walks of life and featuring them enjoying spoonfuls of the popular comfort food. The warmth and childlike joy that America’s favorite cheesy noodle evokes is central to the visual and motion development of each character. 

From this, the concept of “Noodletown” was born; a world where its inhabitants were as noodly and wiggly as their favorite dish: Kraft Mac and Cheese.

With this, their designs and movements were rooted strongly in the shape and texture of the Kraft Mac & Cheese product, making sure the brand animations elevated its most beloved qualities.