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The Ebola Economy

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen launched a collection of films to tackle the modern issues facing the economy. One of the films, directed by Academy Award Nominee Morgan Spurlock, was The Ebola Economy, which tackled the issue of Ebola and its effect on global trade markets. The project received a Webby Award in 2015 for Online Film & Series - News & Politics.


Design Direction, Design, Animation, Motion Design


Warrior Poets



Design Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Producer: Angelo Cuyegkeng

Design + Animation: Nowy Aratan \ Ej Dalupang \ Clarisa Gonzalez \ Carlo Yu \ Jae Il Son

Interns: Claudine Aranza \ Micah Ibay \ Francine Santos \ Elizabeth Tan

Production House: Warrior Poets

Director: Morgan Spurlock

Executive Producers: Jeremy Chilnick Morgan Spurlock

Associate Producer: Eric Enright

Editor: Pierre Takal

The Ebola Economy is an award-winning documentary directed by Academy Award nominee Morgan Spurlock. It highlights how the pandemic impacted the World Trade Market and how affected countries responded to the health crisis. 


Taking over design direction, motion design, and animation, rezonate helped produce a powerfully narrated piece. 

Neat, futuristic, and computer-driven, the team helped conceptualize the expanding world of a pandemic by understanding the script well enough to sufficiently visualize it. Optimizing heavy typography, detailed iconography, and sharp lines, rezonate crafted compelling imagery for the documentary.  


Overall, it was keeping the heart and the objective of the narrative in mind that helped rezonate tell the story in the best way it could be told. 

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