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A Filipino American Story

With over 2 million views, a Filipino American Story sheds light on the untold history of a diaspora community in the United States. rezonate has produced an eye opening revelation about how the relationship between the Philippines and the United States are connected through the often-untold connections between of colonization and immigration.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Edit,

Sound Design, Music, Direction


AARP + NextDayBetter



Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano


Animation + Design Lead : EJ Dalupang

Design: Patt Abutog \ Angel Cabanto \ Andrea Ferrer \ EG Albor

Head of Production: Angelo Cuyegkeng

Narration: Mariel Reyes

There aren’t enough mainstream discussions about the complexity of Filipino American history. 


With colonization and immigration at the forefront of the subject, AARP and NextDayBetter partnered with rezonate to produce a short documentary about the early Filipino immigrant experience in America. 


Intending to accurately shed light on the most critical points of a diaspora community, the clients and studio worked with a team of historians to weave a narrative that entailed utmost sensitivity and accuracy.


rezonate led the creative direction, animation, design, and sound design efforts by harnessing visual cut-outs of some of the earliest graphical records of Filipino immigrants in the United States. 


Through black and white photos, soft transitions, and pastel-colored backgrounds, rezonate presented the interlaced yesteryears of the Filipino American people in a comprehensible form--easy enough to digest and learn from no matter the viewer’s background.

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