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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Capturing the feeling of Fall through elements that tickle the senses. Just like how a freshly brewed cup of coffee entices you.


Creative Direction, Design, Animation


Green Mountain

Coffee Roasters



Lead: EG Albor
Design/Illustrations: Gwen Guevarra / Josh Villena / Drix Deñola / Bianca Cosca
Animation: Gwen Guevarra / Drix Deñola / Bianca Cosca / EG Albor / Nowy Aratan
Producer: Arielle Carpio

The sight of dried leaves falling on the ground, the scent of hot pancakes wafting off of your kitchen, the freshly baked pumpkin pie your grandma just made you, the inviting warmth of a cup of coffee--the beauty of fall is a delight to the senses. 

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters wanted to capture the sensory smorgasbord of the season visually through their customer’s words. The client held a user-generated content campaign where participants submit poetry that describes the flavors of their coffee.

The approach was to create a world of awe and wonder through the elements of fall, the words of the customer, and hot coffee. Working closely together with the client at each stage of the production process, we made sure that each element tickled the senses to transport the viewer into the sensations of the season. 

To help experience how each variant tastes like, all ads are packed with their own visual elements, signifying the aroma they bear and the atmosphere they can evoke.


With a mix of cel animation and motion graphics, rezonate creates an immersive experience that brings the beauty of fall, the deliciousness of autumn delicacies, and the warmth of coffee.

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