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Connecting the Filipino Community from all corners of the world. Before kumu became the live streaming giant it is now, it was first envisioned as a Filipino-centric networking app.


Direction, Motion Design, Animation, Story, Graphic Design





Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano
Executive Producer: Angelo Cuyegkeng

Producer: Katrina Yupangco

Animation Lead: Megan Palero

Animation: Ej Dalupang \ Andrea Ferrer \ Angelica Cabanto \ Emilio Gabriel Albor \ Cheryl Sng

Character Designs:  Nowy Aratan

Identity will always look for connection; without one, the other will not thrive.  This virtue is what social networking service kumu initially aspired to foster.  

Before kumu became the quirky live-streaming app it is today, it was originally intended to be a communication space, facilitating a multitude of group chats that served the global Philippine audience.

Committed to supporting the vast Filipino community while factoring in the country’s low internet bandwidth, the inceptive ambition was to empower each other through a messaging medium that allowed to amplify the Filipino's unique voices.


In other words, the foundational objective was to provide a platform that connects Filipinos from all over the globe.

Once this idea was fostered into reality, the challenge was introducing the brand to the world.

Driven by the question, "How does kumu help Filipinos with connecting in the real world?” rezonate stepped in to create a world of awe and wonder that was presented through an animation short. 


Targeting tech and mobile-savvy Filipinos, the goal as a creative force was to portray kumu’s accessibility, passion, and innovation. The ad’s visuals were anchored on the brand’s color palette, and the fluidity of the animations reflected kumu’s ease of use.

From the direction, motion design, and animation to storytelling, graphic design, and branding efforts, rezonate breathed life into a narrative that exemplified the relatable Filipino.

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