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rezonate worked together with Lazada Singapore to create 30 second zingers in time for their monthly big sale campaigns. 







Creative Directors: Nico & Katwo Puertollano

Lazada Triple Joy Sale

Lead: Angel Casaul

Illustrators: Angel Casaul \ China Principe

Animators: EG Albor \ Angel Casaul

Producer: Hannah Sy


Lazada Fourmidable Sale

Design Lead: Klei Remo

Illustrators: Klei Remo \ China Principe \ EG Albor

Lead Animator: Drix Deñola

Animators: Drix Deñola \ Alex Santos

Producers: Arielle Carpio \ Hannah Sy

3.3, 2.2, 1.1, Add to cart, Check out!

Lazada, one of SEA’s e-commerce giants, approached rezonate for their monthly Power Number date sales campaigns. Our question was: “How can we introduce Awe and Wonder to Lazada’s current brand and its assets?” 

Lazada’s store includes over 20 million products that are updated daily. We wanted to help them highlight their best deals and capture the feeling of instant gratification in the customer’s mind.

To answer the question, we animated two 30-second ads for their 3.3 and 4.4 sale campaigns with the concept being: a series of products from each category emerge from boxes or behind an overlay to show off their new, affordable bargains. With a focus on incredible deals, our goal was to create the feeling that you had stumbled upon the hidden treasure chests selling your favourite products at incredibly low prices – that you checked out shortly after.

Lazada 3.3 Triple Joy Sale


Lazada 4.4 Four-midable Sale

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