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For the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley on June 9, 2012, rezonate showed support by making a short video from footage that was shot that year. Thanks to and the Manny Pacquiao camp for the opportunity to shoot.


Direction, Editing, Motion Design, VFX, 3D Animation





Camera + Motion Design + Compositing + Direction: Nico Puertollano

Editor: Jofre Nachor

3D Model + Animation: Johan Tanhueco

Legendary was a passion project made in 2012. It was produced from leftover footage gathered from the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley practice sessions for


Applying some of rezonate’s core services — direction, editing, motion design, VFX, and 3D animation—the team was able to incorporate UI work to the short, making it look and feel like a striking event teaser. 


Taking cues and inspiration from Bionic Man and Million Dollar Baby, rezonate wanted to produce material that was reminiscent of the adrenaline-pumping Gatorade commercials the studio had also crafted in the past.  


Collectively, this is an internal project that’s helped expand the studio’s repertoire. In the end, Manny Pacquiao’s camp noticed the short and used it for promotion. 

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