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To be a Manileño, is to embrace humour, to love music, and to not take life too seriously. ManilaMed partnered with rezonate and FleishmanHillard, to channel the essence of Manila into healthcare through the adage, “Laughter is the second best medicine”.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Edit

Sound Design, Music, Direction






Creative Director: Nico Puertollano \ Katwo Puertollano

Director: Nowy Aratan

Animation: Nowy Aratan \ Plainly Simple

The objective is to help ManilaMed become the top-of-mind hospital in Manila. rezonate came up with an approach that enabled the hospital to rise above the clutter and evoke something that would resonate with Manileños: humor.

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Whereas healthcare institutions are often deemed frightening or rigid to the wary patient, ManilaMed’s campaign carries a touch of humour that’s subtle, empathic, respectful, and clever, bringing a lighter tone that can make healthcare less intimidating or nerve-wracking. 


As the old adage goes, “Laughter is the (second-best) medicine”. Through its new campaign, ManilaMed has deepened its brand promise: “Only our best, to make you feel better.”  The promise was embodied through all its communication channels,  from flyers, to OOH ads, to social media content.

Story Boards

Through utilizing bright colors, adorable visual designs, chucklesome catchphrases, and comedic narratives, rezonate built a world where the brand's truest voice took centerstage across multiple platforms. The campaign exemplified the Filipino spirit of humor and its ability to make people feel better.


By making good use of wit, puns, and soul, we helped realize what the medical institution epitomizes—the complete embrace of optimism and humor amidst the lemons life gives.

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