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Mighty Thor


In time for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, rezonate made a Sailor Moon-inspired transformation sequence of Jane Foster turning into The Mighty Thor

Creative Direction, Animation, Motion Design, Direction





Creative Directors: Nico & Katwo Puertollano

Producer: Hannah Sy

Character & FX Designer: Sofia Abellera

Background Designer: Bianca Cosca

Animators: Sofia Abellera \ Bianca Cosca

Compositing & Audio Edit: Bianca Cosca \ Katwo Puertollano

Power of Mjolnir, Make up!


I'm the mighty God of Thunder and Lightning, Jane Foster!


In the name of Asgard, I will avenge you!

Jane is first seen on an open field, but then she calls upon Mjolnir. A flash of lightning strikes; bending light and space around her! Her battle armor slowly manifests, starting from her boots, and then as her arms get wrapped in light, her wrist bracers appear out of thin air. Lastly, her face gets covered by that same light, summoning the magical helmet of the mythical Asgardian God of Thunder. She turns around floating, and finally, engulfed in lightning, she transforms into The Mighty Thor!

Just like the feature film, The team took a lot of inspiration from 80's media, such as Sailor Moon's iconic transformation sequence. The team made sure the whole experience was something akin to what you'd see in a noontime 80's anime, while also incorporating current techniques and styles.

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