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Creating awe and wonder with the Philippines’ leading cough remedy.



Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Edit

Sound Design, Music, Direction



Creative Director: Nico Puertollano \ Katwo Puertollano

Director: Nowy Aratan

Animation: Nowy Aratan \ Plainly Simple

By combining segments of both animation and real-life clips of children with their parents, rezonate reminds us that the quality of life our kids enjoy are largely reliant on how healthy their lungs are, too. 


The team’s usage of white, pink, and blue visual components also help simplify the exposition of how Mucosolvan Pediatric Syrup works, inviting viewers into experiencing its efficacy and soothing effects.


This 2-minute explainer video shows how the product gets rid of phlegm and improves pulmonary circulation, bringing to mind why the brand remains one of the country’s leaders in cough remedies.  

Style Frames 4-6 images

Story Boards

Backgrounds 4-6 images