Pride Flag Relay: A Celebration of Queerness in Animated Series

This 30-second animation is a love letter to LGBTQIA+ representation in animation. It’s to acknowledge the kids (and adults) around the world who have a great appreciation for animated media and have been given the space to hope, and learn about love and themselves through it.


Creative Direction, Animation, Design, Edit,

Sound Design, Music, Direction





Design Lead: Bianca Cosca 

Animation Leads: Bianca Cosca \ Sofia Abellera

Producer: Hannah Sy

Writers: Martin Bes \ Alissa Sherburne \ Hannah Sy \ Klei Remo

Storyboard: Sofia Abellera

Design: Alissa Sherburne \ Drix Deñola \ Lia Celiz \ Tara Javier

Animation: Bianca Cosca \ Alissa Sherburne \ Gwen Guevarra \ Sofia Abellera \ John Basnillo \ Lia Celiz \ Tara Javier

Compositing: Peter Cañada

Music Edit: EG Albor \ Arielle Carpio

There have been a plethora of cartoon characters that children can look up to throughout the years: He-Man, The Voltes V, Optimus Prime, Spongebob, Sailor Moon, Phineas and Ferb, Gumball, etc.


But it was only recently that a kid could look at someone like Marceline (Adventure Time), or Caitlyn (Arcane), or Stevonnie (Steven Universe)--characters that were not only made with so much thought and care but were also figures of unabated, freely chosen love.

Our 30-second animation is a love letter to that representation, sent on behalf of kids (and adults) around the world who have been given, through art, the space to hope, and learn about love and themselves.


We chose characters that best represented each initial in the LGBTQIA acronym, and had them champion the Pride flag. We also specifically chose characters that our team members grew up loving. 


Establishing the video’s overall look was one of our biggest challenges. The more traditionally proportioned characters like Vi (Arcane) or Yuri (Yuri on Ice) had to be simplified; some had to be designed with exaggerated features and limbs. However, we still needed to ensure that each character is identifiable. 


Apart from having an emotional attachment to the featured characters, a number of our team members also belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. So, getting to bring these characters to life in our own way is a huge honor. 


As such, this animation is also our honest message to the LGBTQIA+ community: may we continue to seek and find strength in characters that remind us that it’s possible to live our truest selves and love in the most genuine ways.