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TruTV’s Santa’s in a Barn

TruTV tapped rezonate, together with Nathan Love, to create an opening sequence for their new show “Santas in the Barn”. rezonate stayed true to the fun and playful tone of the show by animating the characters provided by Nathan Love with exaggerated movements.


Creative Direction, Direction, Animation, Design





Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Producer: Angelo Cuyegkeng

Design & Animation: Megan Palero \ Angelo Cuyegkeng \ EG Albor \ Andrea Ferrer

Character Design: Angelo Cuyegkeng \ Nowy Aratan \ Megan Palero \ EG Albor

Production House: Aardman Nathan Love

Character Design: Tim Probert
Animation: Kevin Li

How many versions of Santa Clause can there be?


This is the question answered in TruTv’s Santa’s in a Barn. It’s a reality show about embracing unconventional ideas of who Santa Claus is and what he or she looks like. The television network tapped rezonate to create the show’s opening title sequence. 


In collaboration with Nathan Love, the studio led the creative direction, animation, and design for a world that reimagined the celebrated holiday protagonist. 

With character designs that reflected a variety of body types, genders, and ethnicities as seen on the show itself, rezonate helped produce an adorable Christmas project that emphasized inclusivity. 


True to the holiday spirit and the nature of the series, rezonate made good use of blues, greens, and reds to bring the holiday cheer to life. 


In the end, the client loved what rezonate came up with, and the team’s push in creativity translated into a fun rendition of Christmas TV entertainment.

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