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Sex Y Z: The Original Series

Sex Y Z is the original series produced by rezonate for adults that take a fun, accessible, and relatable approach to taboo questions about sex. The use of animation and design plays a critical role in making the place feel more upbeat and interesting. 


Concept, Story, Design, Animation, Direction





Director: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Production House: Rezonate

Executive Producer: Nico and Katwo Puertollano

Producer: Angelo Cuyegkeng

Writers: Ryan Haney \ Katwo Puertollano

Animation: Megan Palero EJ Dalupang \ EG Albor \ Angel Cabanto \ Andrea Ferrer \ Martin Jarmin

Design: Megan Palero \ EJ Dalupang \ EG Albor \ Angel Cabanto \ Andrea Ferrer \ Martin Jarmin \ Claude Aranza \ Patt Abutog

Production Coordinator: Karin Araneta

The original sex education series gamely produced by rezonate, Sex Y Z approaches the topic of sex through striking animations and a well-crafted script. 


Proper sex education saves lives. Anchored on the flaming desire to initiate discourse, the primary question that fueled the project was this: If there was anything about sex you wanted to know but couldn’t ask anyone, what would it be?   

From sex-ed myths about virginity and penis sizes to gender and consent, the objective was to create a world of awe and wonder by presenting taboo sex topics as engagingly, sensitively, and tactfully as possible.

While each episode is every bit of good advice, the overall treatment is familiar in the sense that the show conveys the message as articulately as possible without being too distractingly graphic. Monotone and simplistic design elements are applied to emphasize the uniqueness of the human body.

Being a fiery passion project, the vision for this series is to improve conversations on sexual health and body positivity. rezonate spearheaded everything from concept, story, design, animation, and direction, we initially rounded up topics we felt the need to shed light on, then decided how we wanted to tell each tale.

At present, we are developing even more future episodes for everyone to enjoy.


Contrary to how the public makes it out to be, intimacy doesn’t always have to be confusing and difficult to talk about. Here at rezonate, we believe it’s as easy as Sex Y Z.

Watch the whole series here!