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Breaking your phone under insurance is one thing, but having a seamless warranty service built into your phone plan is another. rezonate visualizes how StraightTalk’s unique product offering makes your phone accidents easier on your mind, and on your wallet.


Creative Direction, Design, Animation





Creative Directors: Nico & Katwo Puertollano

StraightTalk: 65

Lead: Drix Deñola
Design: Anton Romero Bianca Cosca\ Cath Gonzales\ Gwen Guevarra\ Anton Romero\ Angel Casaul
Animation: Drix Deñola\ Bianca Cosca\ Cath Gonzales
Producer: Meg de Leon

Straight Talk: 5G

Lead: Angel Casaul

Animation: Angel Casaul\ Alex Santos \ Gwen Guevarra

Producer: Hannah Sy \ Arielle Carpio

Straight Talk: Graduation

Design Lead: Klei Remo

Design: Gwen Guevarra Drix Deñola \ Patricia De Vera \ Bianca Cosca

Animation Lead: Drix Deñola

Animation: Drix Deñola\ Gwen Guevarra \ Angel Casaul

Producer: Hannah Sy \ Arielle Carpio

Straight Talk: Don't Need it

Lead: Alex Santos

Design: Alex Santos Sofia Abellera \ John Basnillo \ Alissa Sherburne \ Keith Nicodemus Drix Deñola Klei Remo

Animation: Alex Santos \ John Basnillo Drix Deñola Bianca Cosca

Compositor / Editor: Pete Cañada

Producer: Hannah Sy \ Encar Lopez

As smartphone damages are often beyond control, StraightTalk aimed to redefine what it means to have a phone covered from accidents. Forget expensive add-on protection fees, and avoid the hassle with Straight Talk’s new Platinum Unlimited Plan.


For this, the mobile virtual network operator asked rezonate to craft a story that screams “fun and dynamic; a straightforward-yet-with-depth take on contractless phone plans.”

In the absence of references and graphical inspiration, rezonate was tasked to create a world for the brand and establish the look and feel for the next StraightTalk ads.

Since then, rezonate and StraightTalk have since established an ongoing partnership for the foreseeable future in their next series of animations.

StraightTalk - 65

The project was pitched in the midst of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Because of this, rezonate made sure that the world bore diversity, much like the real world. 


The goal was to create an evergreen branding for StraightTalk. The assets were built to be distinct from other carrier brands. The client specifically wanted something dynamic, so the characters were put in various situations that commonly put phones in harm’s way.


And, to top it all off, Ed O’Neill of Modern Family lends his voice to this creative world, hammering home the no-nonsense tone.

StraightTalk - 5G

StraightTalk - Graduation

StraightTalk - Don't Need It