StraightTalk 65plan

Breaking your phone under insurance is one thing, but having a seamless warranty service built into your phone plan is another. Rezonate visualizes how Straight Talk’s unique product offering makes your phone accidents easier on your mind, and on your wallet.


Design, Styleframe, Animation





rezonate was approached to craft a story that screams “fun and dynamic; a straightforward-yet-with-depth take on contractless phone plans.”

In the absence of references and graphical inspiration, the team stepped up to the plate and imagined a colorful world that stayed true to the brand’s visual assets. Employing large caricature-like figures, each character design contributes a comprehensive narrative to how our mobile devices can break against our will.

And to top it all off, Ed O’Neill of Modern Family lends his voice to this creative world, hammering home the no-nonsense tone.

As smartphone damages are often beyond control, Straight Talk aimed to redefine what it means to have a phone covered from accidents. Forget expensive add-on protection fees, and avoid the hassle with Straight Talk’s new Platinum Unlimited Plan that covers it all.