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The Zombettes

rezonate made  visual projections that played on the set of The Zombettes, DJ duo from the Philippines, during the rezonate Launch Party. The animation captures the duo’s electric vibe while keeping a funky touch during their set.


Design, Animation





Producer: Katrina Yupangco

Animation: Andrea Ferrer Chery Sng

Design: Claudine Aranza 

Eyeing to make the most out of a party with live music, rezonate created a world of awe and wonder by designing the complete music experience.


Because clubbing is an escapade in itself, the studio wanted to make the music the duo put out a brand encounter. As if completing a visceral aesthetic, rezonate produced a looping animation evocative of the EDM pair. 

Inspired by The Zombettes’ overall look and sound, rezonate harnessed the music act’s key visual assets by playing around the colors purple, red, and white. The team captured the music act’s distinct personas and translated their funk into striking motion designs. 


Even if it was for a company event, rezonate produced this fun visualizer for the duo to optimize in their own future gigs. 

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